Attitude of Gratitude

I’m grateful for too many blessings to count…

This is commonly the month of giving thanks; a time where we allow our thoughts to focus more on the things that we are grateful for.  Although gratitude is something that can and should be expressed every day throughout the year, there is a special feeling in the air as the leaves change colors and the calendar turns to welcome the holidays.  This is a great time to reflect on all of our blessings.  It’s a time to contemplate about all the good in our lives, even when that is intermixed with trials and hardships.  The season of Fall is also a great time to allow past grievances, grudges and pain to fall from our lives and prepare for new things to come.  Change is in the air, and we have the power to make change happen in our lives.  Now is a perfect time to focus on having an attitude of gratitude.

When I was a child I loved to listen to a cassette tape called Standin’ Tall with Gratitude by Janeen Brady.  There was a song that still runs through my head to this day: “When you have a gratitude attitude, others are going to love you, love you true….  Having a gratitude attitude shows appreciation.  Those with a gratitude attitude win in every situation…  When you have a gratitude attitude, you are the happiest kind of girl and boy.”

As we practice gratitude on a daily basis, it becomes more of a part of who we are, not just something that we do.  It becomes our attitude; our way of life.  And as this way of life expands within us, we truly feel and show love in greater capacities.  In turn, others feel and show greater love towards us.  With gratitude, we really do win in every situation and find true happiness as we see the beauty in our lives in new ways.


Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash