Seeking For the Help We Need

I’m grateful for all the resources that are around me…

My mom and I went to a Conference together last summer.  On the lunch break both days, we sat outside the building at a table where we ate our lunch and visited.  As we sat there the first day, a little bird flew over and landed right on the table where we had our food.  He pecked around and looked at us with a cocked head, as if he were asking for some food.  We would throw him a small piece of bread, which he would grab in his beak, and then he would fly into a nearby tree.  Before long, he was back in the same spot on the table, with the same cocked head and eyes full of longing.  We continued to feed him small amounts, and enjoyed lunch with our special guest.  The next day we returned to the same spot at our lunch break, and there we found our little friend joining us once again.  

I thought about this bird and how resourceful he was.  I imagined that when he first moved into that tree and saw people sitting at the table, he was probably a little shy and reluctant to get too close.  But as he put himself out there and started getting brave enough to step forward, I could see his confidence blossoming as he went from being timid to being bold and stepping forward to ask for what he wanted and needed.  

What resources do we have all around us?  Are we willing to step forward for ourselves and seek out the things that will help us?  Perhaps we’re like the little bird was in the beginning of his journey; timid and scared to come forward and seek for what we really need.  This can be hard to do if we’re not really sure what we’re going to get when we do step forward.  Will it be the right thing for us, or will it be something we don’t like or something that could even potentially be harmful?  We may question the outcome so much that we allow that to stop us from seeking for things that may really benefit us.

As I’m going along in my journey in life, one of the greatest things I’m learning about is trust.  I can completely trust in God, my Heavenly Father, as my greatest resource to guide me and lead me where I need to go.  Sometimes I don’t listen so well, and I end up at the wrong “table”, so to speak.  But when I really tune in and listen to those random or repetitive thoughts that are given to me, I find myself in places where I know I should be and where I receive help, comfort and guidance.  Sometimes through this process I have to be brave and step forward, trusting that as I do so I will be led to the places I need to be.  Like the little bird, the more I put myself forward and seek for help, the more guidance and direction I receive. And I realize that there are great resources all around me that I wouldn’t have even known about if I hadn’t been courageous enough to “land on the table, cock my head, and ask for what I need.”