It’s Time!

You and I, we have a lot of wisdom to share. ¬†We have life experiences and a wealth of information stored in our brains from so many sources. We’ve seen things; we’ve learned things; we’ve done things. So why do the pages on our journals stay blank? Why do our voices remain silent? Why haven’t I written here for so long? Why are your words trapped inside of you too? Fear? Shame? Self-doubt? Busyness?

Life is too precious to waste any more time. TIME. It’s time to open up our voices and share what’s most valuable. It’s time to get over our fears and take action. It’s time to stop listening to negative voices in our heads and to speak truth and goodness to ourselves and others. It’s time to connect more, to share more, to give more, to smile more, and laugh more. It’s time to love more, to trust more in Him who can be trusted, and to share the wisdom that’s sitting inside.

I choose to start today. What about you?


Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash