Healing is Possible!!

I’m grateful for the blessing and ability to heal…

Last Fall our family took a vacation to DisneyWorld in Florida.  This is something we have been planning for several years, and had hoped to make it happen a couple of years ago.  But my health was really low, and we were going to different places for treatments and putting money into those things. This family vacation kept looking farther and farther away, and it started to seem like it wasn’t going to happen at all.  And although it seemed like a fun thing to do, the thoughts of going on such a big trip like that exhausted me.  It’s enough work to prepare for and go on a trip with a family of 8 when you’re feeling well, but when your energy is low due to health reasons, it seems like an impossible feat.  On the other hand, I wanted our family to have this trip together that we had been talking about for so long.  Finally one day I told Craig, my husband, that I was tired of putting things off in life until the time that I was better. I knew if we kept waiting that the money we had saved for the vacation would be used up in medical expenses, and that it may not work out to be able to have our entire family on the trip as the older kids continue to get older.  I told him that I just wanted to go on this trip, and the situation with my low energy and not being able to eat much would work itself out and everything would be fine.  So we made the plans and took the trip.  And I have to say, it was WONDERFUL!!  We had the best time, everything fell into place smoothly, and yes, I even had energy that I haven’t had for years AND I was able to eat more than I had been able to eat for a long time, without getting sick!  I believe that the Lord really blessed me for this trip with his tender mercies. I also believe that by having the desire to make this trip happen for my family and setting the intention beforehand that I would feel well, that it was able to manifest this way.  This also triggered something inside of me, as if my mind and body were reminded that I can feel well and that I can heal.  Since this trip, I have continued to progress in having more energy and being able to eat more foods. This is not only a miracle, but also a testament to me of the power of our minds’ and bodies’ innate ability to heal.  I’m finally learning how to tap into that power, and I look forward to the new journey that’s ahead of me as I continue to apply the things I’ve learned and to continue learning new things.

Over the past several months, I’ve been working on changing my thinking from “I have chronic illness” to “I am chronically healthy”. I’ve been saying this to myself, even during the times that I don’t feel healthy.  I’m trying to remind my mind and body to take action toward healing, instead of being stuck in the illness.  I’ve learned that being chronically healthy is a process.  It’s not a destination that we arrive at and it’s over.  It’s a journey of learning what works for us, finding balance, and staying on a maintenance plan that will allow us to continue forward on the healing journey.

Healing isn’t stagnant.  It’s about moving and changing and growing.  It’s about learning to love ourselves and forgive.  It’s about letting go of the things that hold us back and pursuing our passions and goals that will move us forward.  It’s about finding the inner self that has gotten lost in all the chaos; awakening our inner child and learning to find joy in life again.  I’ve been working so hard over the past few years, both mentally and physically, to find solutions to my health challenges.  It hasn’t been easy, and I know that there are always going to be bumps in the road and hills to climb.  But I keep gaining more tools and resources along this journey, and I am finally seeing signs that all the things I’ve been doing are working and that I am healing.  It’s a beautiful feeling, and it’s real, and it’s possible.  It’s possible for me; it’s possible for you; it’s possible for everyone! Even if the physical challenges don’t go away, it’s possible to go from being chronically ill to chronically healthy. We can learn to THRIVE as we are going through this process.  My upcoming posts will be about my continual journey in learning how to thrive, regardless of the challenges that are still around me.